Dimensional Letters & Logos

These letters are used for business identification, decoration on office buildings, retail centers, churches, schools and community buildings. These 3D letters/logos are offered in a variety of different materials, such as individually routed metal, plastic and foam, and are installed directly onto the exterior or interior of a building, monument sign, or building façade. Dimensional signage is often the medium of choice for interior signage, primarily used for lobby walls, reception areas, conference rooms or any other interior wall that requires lettering and logos. Colors, materials, and designs are almost endless.
Please feel free to call us here at Vital Signs Inc. and we can direct you to locations where we have fabricated and installed these types of signs. If you’d like a quote, please click on request quote button to the left to give us your information on our convenient form and we will do a free site survey, and recommend the best solution for your space.