Safety Signs


Vital Signs is a leader in safety signs

These signs are also known to many as ANSI signs and OSHA signs. There are many uses for safety signs. The obvious and most common uses are Caution Signs and Danger Signs.
Signs that warn of high voltage, low overhead, vehicles nearby, heavy loads, no smoking, slippery surfaces, fire exits, and other industrial hazards are all examples of types of signs that we design. Our safety signs are made to have the universally recognizable symbols and will always meet local and governmental standards and regulations. The presence of medical waste, chemicals, flammable materials, radioactivity, corrosives, and many more are always noted through the use of safety signage.
Customers and businesses use safety signs for constructions sites, warehouses, workshops, job sites, heavy equipment, hand tools, fire eradication tools, and fire escapes. Making a statement bold and easy to read protects the public from potentially hazardous situations. Safety signs and compliance signs help make a workplace safe and secure. Spelling out the lurking danger whether at the playground, pool, or beach is another common use of our safety signs. In some instances, customers incorporate directional and wayfinding signs in their overall safety sign program. Call us today to learn more!! 309.745.9361